Helo LX & Extense

Launched At The CES Show In Las Vegas January 2018!

The HELO EXTENSE, while connected to the HELO LX or HELO LX PLUS, will allow you to estimate your sugar trend levels with incredible accuracy up to 9 levels through the Sugar Trend Software!

  • 1] Helo LX already retails at $199 (plus tax) with three levels sugar trend and is available now.
  • 2] Helo LX Plus will retail at $399 (plus tax) with nine levels sugar trend and available now.
  • 3] Helo Extense & Sugar Trend software to retail at $299 (plus tax) – available May 2018.

Helo LX Plus 3 Minute Video 2018

Diabetic Glucose Watch Are A Distributor For HELO LX Products.

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