Grove Instruments bloodless glucose tester

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….in Worcester is developing a pocket-sized device so diabetes patients can measure their glucose levels without taking their own blood. If clinical trials go well in 2013, its chief executive officer expects to initiate the process of seeking Food and Drug Administration approval for the device in 2014 and if that goes well, Grove Instruments product could become available for use by the 25.8 million U.S. children and adults with diabetes by 2015 or 2016.

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Grove has developed a completely painless and non-invasive blood glucose meter that removes all of the barriers to optimal self monitoring of blood glucose. Grove’s Glucometer is a truly transformative technology that provides people with diabetes the opportunity to achieve the kind of blood glucose monitoring proven essential to achievement of good outcomes in the life-long management of diabetes.

Grove Instruments Mission

Grove Instruments will be the first Company to: Achieve optimal home glucose testing by providing the world first truly non-invasive, painless, bloodless and convenient glucometer.

Grove’s Vision

Grove Instruments will improve the outcomes for generations of diabetic people by providing the tools for early identification of the disease and for optimal glucose testing, facilitating good glycemic control and giving each individual a genuine chance to achieve the established clinical benefits that accrue to well managed diabetes.

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