sugarBEAT™ Non-invasive Glucose Monitor Update

Latest Updated F.A.Q’s For sugarBEAT™

1. How does sugarBEAT™ work?
“SugarBEAT® consists of a disposable adhesive skin-patch connected to a rechargeable transmitter, with an app displaying glucose readings. Each patch requires calibration by a single finger-stick reading, followed by a 30 minute warm-up period, after which sugarBEAT® measures the amount of glucose present at regular five minute intervals. This data is then streamed via Bluetooth to a pre-downloaded App on your smart device (phone / watch / tablet)”.
2. Who can use sugarBEAT™?
“SugarBEAT® is intended for anyone wanting to track their blood sugar levels.”
3. How long can sugarBEAT™ be worn for?
“Each patch can be worn for a maximum of 24 hours.”
4. What will sugarBEAT cost?
“SugarBEAT® will be significantly cheaper than other glucose monitors and comparable in price to glucose meters and strips.”
5. When and where will sugarBEAT® be launched?
“Provisional launch date is late 2017 for United Kingdom. This website will be updated with further details in due course.”