SugarBeat Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor Coming Soon

With over 420 million diabetics worldwide and the number of pre-diabetics at almost three times this number, diabetes is a global healthcare concern.

Combining clinical research with patient-friendly technology, sugarBEAT® is expected to deliver an accurate, non-invasive, convenient, low cost and disposable method of tracking blood glucose for better diabetes management.

SugarBEAT® comprises-:

  • – Reusable sensor (shown above) containing daily-disposable adhesive skin-patch
  • – SugarBEAT® App pre-downloaded on user’s smart device (watch / phone / tablet)
  • – Optional sugarBEAT® handheld reader (applicable where user elects not to use own smart device)

How it works-:

Using a small disposable patch painlessly stuck onto a user’s arm, leg or abdomen, sugarBEAT® measures the body’s glucose levels via the skin.

Approximately 1mm thick, and designed to conform to the body for enhanced patient comfort and compliance, the sugarBEAT® patch offers a convenient way to track blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Connected to a small electronic sensor, the sugarBEAT® patch can take a sensor measurement every five minutes from the body’s interstitial fluid, drawn from the skin.

This clinically relevant data can be securely streamed via Bluetooth to a pre-downloaded App on user’s own smart device, and optionally forwarded onto healthcare professionals.

SugarBEAT® will enable diabetics to better manage their condition through a greater understanding of lifestyle factors that affect their blood glucose levels, thereby helping prevent or delay long term medical complications.

Key facts:

  • – Market launch due early 2017 in selected countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East
  • – Price will be significantly cheaper than competitor glucose monitoring products
  • – Maximum patch wear time 24 hours, with glucose readings taken at five minute intervals
  • – Daily-disposable format provides user flexibility over when to wear patch
  • – Each patch requires one finger-prick calibration, followed by 30 min warm up period
  • – For more information, please visit the sugarBEAT website by clicking here