OrSense Glasswing non‐invasive finger blood monitor

The OrSense Glasswing Blood Monitor

The OrSense next generation products target non-invasive monitoring of blood glucose in the hospital and for home use. The CE approved glucose monitor was tested on over 450 diabetic subjects. Results indicate performance similar to those of invasive glucose sensors on the market today. The OrSense Glasswing non-invasive hemoglobin monitor is also an essential partner for improving the quality of life of diabetics, by enabling routine, painless and reliable assessment of anemia.

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Orsense Glasswing TM offers a unique, breakthrough non-invasive solution for hemoglobin (Hb) measurements. Using our proprietary SpectOLightTM technology and sensor, the Orsense Glasswing monitor offers immediate spot Hb measurements without the need for painful, time-consuming and potentially hazardous invasive techniques.

Glasswing is useful for hematocrit/hemoglobin determination, hidden blood loss monitoring and for anemia screening. It is well suited for use in a variety of clinical environments, including perioperative and critical care, emergency medicine units, women health clinics, primary care physicians’ offices, public health screening and homecare. The system exhibits accuracy similar to invasive point of care solutions while demonstrating clear superiority in safety, ease of use and costs.

The Orsense Glasswing Hb monitor is a new addition to the family of monitors available in 55 countries around the globe which have been successfully installed in multiple settings, including hospitals, physician offices, and at home. This user-friendly system has proven its utility for various applications including pre-donation Hb screening, public health screening, women’s health, and homecare.

OrSense Glasswing Blood Monitor Video

Orsense Company Overview

OrSense is a medical device company that develops and commercializes innovative non-invasive monitoring technologies for continuous and spot measurements of hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, glucose and other blood parameters. Our products are based on our revolutionary, proprietary SpectOLightTM Occlusion Spectroscopy technology, which enables easy and accurate measurements of blood parameters even under extreme conditions, by overcoming key obstacles that hinder the performance of competing technologies.

OrSense Glasswing CE approved non-invasive hemoglobin device is available in 55 countries world-wide, and has been successfully incorporated into multiple environments including hospitals, primary clinics and blood donation facilities. The monitor is used for versatile applications including public screening, women’s health and, homecare.

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