Echo Therapeutics Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor


Echo Therapeutics

Echo Therapeutics Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor Aims For Discreet And Convenient Use.

The Symphony bio-sensor, which is displayed in action in the YouTube clip linked below, offers much more convenient and comfortable monitoring. “Generally speaking, you’ll wear it on your torso, your abdomen or your thorax. You could wear it on your shoulder. It’s discreet and nobody sees it. And that way it can connect wirelessly, and transmit your glucose levels, every minute, to a wireless remote monitor.” And by this, Dr. Mooney means that users can even bluetooth it to their smartphone the results of the Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor. Hello future, how’s it going?

Echo Therapeutics Patient Care!

“This is a very big step forward for patient care, in diabetes,” Dr. Mooney concludes. And yet I’d like to know more. With glucose monitoring as a first step for this great new product, what about drug delivery and other medical applications?

“Yes, that’s the blue sky,” replies Dr. Mooney in a cool, doctor-innovator kind of parlance. Being of artistic temperament, I immediately muse upon Cole Porter, but the good doctor’s follow up is technical and confident. “We’ve licensed the rights to our Prelude skin-prep system to a company that makes a drug called Lidocaine (an anesthetic). And Lidocaine is generally given by a cream or by needle. And the needles hurt, people don’t like to use needles, but the problem is that because you have this outer layer of skin, like bricks and mortar, it takes about a half hour to an hour before you get numb. One of our partners did a study which showed that in less than five minutes you could get very effective numbing when you permeate the skin with your Prelude device. So we’re not particularly focused on that right now — with 30 employees, you can imagine we’re limited in what we can do — and we’re zealously focused on glucose monitoring right now.

“The blue sky, the future of the story, is drug delivery: There’s going to be a lot of drugs for which we’ll be able to enhance the delivery. That’s where we’re very different from a lot of companies that are in the diabetes space: We’re focused on diabetes initially, but this is a platform technology which will allow us to do many, many things.”

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