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Medtronic Guardian Connect mobile CGM


  • Medtronic will submit its Bluetooth-enabled Guardian Connect mobile CGM to the FDA in early March, with launch expected by April 2017. The product will launch in Europe this summer. Guardian Connect sends CGM data directly from the on-body transmitter to an iPhone app via Bluetooth – no pump or receiver required. This is similar to Dexcom’s G5 and Abbott’s LibreLink (Sweden-only), and opens up Medtronic CGM to those not on pumps. Guardian Connect will use the more accurate Enlite 3 sensor. The current MiniMed Connect app does receive Medtronic CGM data, though it requires a key-fob sized “relay” device to receive data from the pump.
  • An FDA submission for the MiniMed 670G/Enlite 3 hybrid closed loop system is targeted before the end of June, meaning a launch by April 2017 is still possible. Enrollment in the US pivotal study will complete in the “next few weeks,” which is slightly different from Dr. Fran Kaufman’s expectation at ATTD that the trial would end in late February. More than 75% of trial participants continue to use the system as part of the FDA’s continued access program – that’s a strong vote of confidence that patients really like the device.

– See more at: http://diatribe.org/whats-coming-cgm-technology-2016-and-beyond#sthash.PvFOCh0t.dpuf

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