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Infra V

Infra V Watch For Constant Monitoring of Blood Sugar


Is This The Most Advanced Smartwatch Available?

This is the ultimate in wearable electronic devices.  It is perfect for Fitness, Dieting, General Health, and Entertainment. This is the most feature rich smartwatch with the most cutting edge health sensors that you have been waiting for.

It functions as a sleek stylish smartwatch without sacrificing any functionality seen in other devices.  We didn’t stop at researching and testing just the next step in wearable devices but the next leap that will change the way we live.  Use it stand alone or pair it with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Feel safe and secure knowing your vital signs and vital metrics are being monitored by the latest cutting edge technology and will alert you and important emergency contacts if you need assistance and even give them your location if you are unable!  Best of all, there is no painful drawing blood to gain insight into how your body is functioning.

This device is not only for those who are concerned about disease but for those who are well and wish to improve their health.  In addition to the large array of biometric sensors and sleek comfortable design, the device will actively alert the wearer to impending blood sugar crashes or spikes allowing them to take action before they affect them.  In the personal trainer mode, it allows the wearer to use custom programs to monitor and set goals for cardiovascular training and maximum effect of physical training along with all of the elements of other health smart watches such as distance traveled, calories burned and pulse all without stopping to take measurements.  All of this data can be tracked in real time online and can alert a third party when a problem is detected.

Compatible peripheral devices are also being created for even more functionality such as bicycle cadence, multi-point ECG and muscle performance waveforms are all also in the works.

Since it has not received FDA approval, we plan to launch our first device as a health and fitness aid which is not recommended to diagnose or treat illness.

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