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GlySens Continuous Glucose Monitor Lasts 365 Days

GlySens ICGM: No through-the-skin or skin-adhered components

Receiver-sensor-shadow-v2With the GlySens ICGM approach, there are no frequent needle-based sensor insertions, and no need for maintenance of through-the-skin or skin-attached components.  After implantation of the ICGM sensor, the GlySens system is intended to work continuously, with the sensor designed to operate for 365 days or more. Learn more »

GlySens is developing a truly long term continuous glucose monitoring system (expected one year or longer life, demonstrated up to 18 months in preclinical studies) intended to dramatically improve the lives of people with diabetes.  The basic system is comprised of two elements: (1) the fully implanted sensor (designed for long operational life) and (2) an external receiver with monitor.  The external receiver is designed to offer a convenient means for continuous, at-a-glance glucose display, recording, and alerts regarding hypo- or hyperglycemic glucose excursions. Learn more »

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