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GlucoWise Non-Invasive Glucose Tester For 2016

glucowiseNo More Finger Pricks With This Great Device!

This non-invasive, wireless device will take an accurate blood glucose reading every few seconds – as often as the user requires. It is positioned to gently squeeze the skin between the thumb and forefinger or the earlobe to measure blood glucose levels. The device then displays the reading in real-time on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1 – Does GlucoWise™ measure blood glucose levels?
  • Yes. Our technology enables the blood glucose concentration to be measured at the capillary level. This means that GlucoWise™ is more accurate than other non-invasive methods which measure the amount of glucose at the level of the skin, where there is limited blood present, or using other body fluids such as interstitial fluid.


  • Q2 – How does GlucoWise™ measure my blood glucose levels without taking any blood?
  • The glucose levels are extracted by a non-invasive technique which transmits low-power radio waves through a section of the human body, such as the area between the thumb and forefinger or the earlobe. These areas have adequate blood supply and are thin enough for waves to pass through the tissue. These signals are then received by a sensor on the opposite side of the GlucoWise device, where the data about the characteristics of the blood within the flesh are collected and analysed.


  • Q3 – How is the GlucoWise™ technology different from the competition?
  • GlucoWise™ utilised two unique technologies to achieve unprecedented accuracy in non-invasive glucose measurements. First, we utilise high-frequency radio waves around the 65 GHz range. These waves are large enough to allow penetration through the tissue, yet simultaneously small enough to provide sufficient resolution of the blood regions inside the tissue. Second, our sensors have integrated nano-composite films which temporarily make the skin transparent to the radio waves when a measurement is initiated. This ensures consistent readings across all people independent of age, or skin type and colour.


  • Q4 – What is the current status? When will it be available to order?
  • GlucoWise™ is currently in development and will be available to purchase once clinical trials are completed. We expect to start taking pre-orders in late 2016.


  • Q5 – How safe is my data?
  • The highest security measures are being integrated into the GlucoWise™ system to ensure that each user’s data is completely safe and never shared with third parties unless explicitly allowed. To protect the glucose data it is digitally encrypted and then transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 technology to a smartphone or tablet. It can then be automatically uploaded to a secure database online or, if the user does not have a smartphone, it can be transferred to a computer via a USB port. Both the associated app and database are password protected so the data can only be accessed by the user, however the user can choose to allow selected data to be shared with medical professionals, family or friends.


  • Q6 – How will the accuracy of the device be tested?
  • This process will vary depending on the country in which the device is purchased. In Europe the device will be regulated as a Class IIa Medical Device. According to the Medical Device Definitions (93/42/EEC as revised by 2007/47/EC) the device will conform to the relevant essential requirements of Annex I of the Medical Device Definitions for safety and performance-related device features. In addition, all clinical trials will need to conform to European Clinical Trials Directive (2001/20/EC). The tests will fully evaluate the safety aspects that would be involved with long-term usage of the device.

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