Diabetic Glucose Watch will be a Distributor for HELO LX – WOR(l)D products later in 2017 once the glucose monitor function is expected to be launched – watch the video below about the Helo LX & business opportunity.

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I formed this Diabetic Glucose Watch website in 2009 and since then I have built up thousands of contacts that are eager to purchase non-invasive glucose monitors when released.

I am looking to recruit other team members and for each member that joins under me I will personally help them until they get to TEAM DEVELOPER status from the huge contact list of diabetics worldwide that I have accumulated.

The video below gives an explanation of this brilliant business plan that shows you how easily you can become a TEAM DEVELOPER for life with 20% commission on all sales getting your own HELO LX effectively free of charge after a few sales with our help!


Thank you for checking this great product and business opportunity out and if you would like to get on the priority list to join the Diabetic Glucose Watch distribution team in the near future, please complete the Resellers form below with no obligation to go ahead if you change your mind.

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Please read the Disclosure Notice regarding the WOR(l)D Business Opportunity!