The system which was developed by Abbott has two parts – an electronic controller (the “reader”) and a one-time sensor suitable for 14 days of use. The sensor is small and circular in size of a coin, pinned to the back of the arm and measures the sugar level in the intercellular fluid using a tiny 5 mm long fiber.

The system is based on FLASH – Flash Glucose Monitoring technology, with a sensor located on the arm allowing scanning with an e-reader, showing the current sugar level, plus a trend arrow (detecting expected or decreasing sugar levels) and information on sugar levels in the past 8 hours.

The system is suitable for all diabetics and represents a real revolution in their quality of life, and in dealing with the management and balance of the disease.

To see the sugar level, the patient has to perform a “scan” operation – moving the controller over the sensor in less than a second, then the latest sugar level will appear on the controller monitor.

This process can be performed even when the sensor is under the clothing and up to 4 cm from the sensor. Sensor-to-reader communication is carried out using a standard wireless protocol, similar to what exists today on smartphones.

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